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What Is a Life Insurance Rate Table, Exactly?

These tables determine the risk that you present to the insurance company as you take out a new policy from them. As usual, they will ask that you submit to a particular level of assessment medically, but they will also look at things aside from the medical report that comes back from the type of doctor they ask you to see. You’ll need to clear a few things up before you’re given an accurate quote, for the most part.

What Increases a Term Life Insurance Rate Calculation?

There are several factors within what determines an applicant’s Table Rating, which is the scale by which you’re graded. Health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and what may be perceived by an insurance company as obesity based upon your combined height and weight. These specifics may change from insurer to insurer in how they’re looked at and how they’re graded, but only slightly. These factors are standard for setting policies and determining table ratings throughout the industry. Any detail that’ll appeal as below-standard, maybe unconventional to the insurance company, will likely result in a more expensive table rating.


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